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Within easy reach from Port of Saranda and the south coastline “South Albania Trail” is an opportunity to explore Albania behond the coast. It is a region full of culture, medieval villages, pastorial life and ancient trails, where time has stood still. It is welcoming, affordable, and wild as you like. Here, you live through your senses: You move with the seasons, currents and tides.

This is a gateway to ancient trails, where Macedonian and Roman legions once walked, to epic hikes, deep canyons and mighty peaks. From here, you can hike, experience unchanged pastorial life or reach the pebble beaches on Albanian riviera.

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“South Albania Trail” is yours to discover. Enjoy adventures in the canyons surrounding Nivica - whether you are a seasoned climber enjoying canyoning, or a passionate hiker wanting to explore the canyons on foot.

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“South Albania Trail” offers new opportunities to explore behind the coast, whether camping under the stars, staying with a local family, in a shepherds hut or in a eco lodge. If you’ve never been to see this miraculous part of the Albanian south, you’re right on time.

Stay in a local guesthouse or with a family, within easy reach of the campfire, clean nature, great natural food and unforgettable experiences.




Nivica a historical pearl, where times stands still in the best of ways. The village lies on the verge of a deep canyon, which (along with a marked hiking trail) leads to the city of Tepelenë. Trails can also lead your to the 2122 m high Mount Këndrevica, which looms over the village.

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Nivica and the surrounding region is a great place for birdwatching too. You can see the rare and protected Egyptian vulture roaming the skies, along with many other species – in the canyons and valleys, where these birds are at home.

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