Nivica Village



Nivica is one of the five villages in Kurvelesh valley. The village sits on a plateau 790 m above sea level overlooking dramatic canyons. It is located 20 km from the shore and 25 km south-west from Tepelenë, home the famed Ali Pasha. Historically Nivica was inside an ancient fortress dating back 2400 years according to archaeological discoveries. In 1913, during the Balkan wars, the village was destroyed and has since never fully recovered. Urbanization and poor economic opportunities meant that Nivica had until 2016 - taken the shape of a desolate village with no hope.


Project Nivica

In 2016 the National Coastline Agency spearheaded by Auron Tare initiated the Nivica Project to connect the Albanian coastline with mountain communities in South Albania. The first phase of this project was to restore old buildings in the main square of the village as well as the center and three other surrounding buildings. ​In 2017 the discovery of the rare Egyptian vulture in the surrounding Kurvelesh Valley, the mapping of hiking trails by Czech volunteers and exploration of the Nivica Canyons by mountaineers has created a growing interest in Nivica village. Associated Press even featured the sustainable tourism model being created in Nivica.




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